Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is It Tomorrow Already?

I have friends that all sound the same, they just replace one little word.
Friend A: "Man you should try jogging, it's great!"
Friend B: "man, you should try blogging it's great!"

The arguments they use to convince of the joy and excitement of both sound very similar to me. it's SO healthy, you'll feel better once you get started, Once I start it will become a habit, the rush is great,  you'll feel better in the long run. LIARS! Okay, they aren't liars but somehow I always felt the best day of the week to start Bl(J)ogging was... Tomorrow.

Truthfully, even though I don't do it enough, I know jogging/exercise is good for me. When I am able to train and focus, nothing is better for my mindset than a good run. I feel re-energized and ready to take on life. When I am in the zone, my mind is clear and problems seem to solve themselves.  After being on Twitter for the last few months, blogging seems like the next logical step. Just like a 5K seems like the first logical step after jogging around the neighborhood for a few weeks.

Blogging makes me nervous though. Is it because blogging is new and I fear the unknown? No. Then why fear the blog?  Passion! I am passionate about my career, the people in my life, and what I think is best for the future of my profession. Knowing this, I worry that I could get myself into a wee but of trouble with this blogging thing. However, after thinking about it, I realized that I wouldn't try and jump off the couch and run a marathon (Without the strong possibility of death occurring.). Simply then, I won't just type and post to my blog without having people help me edit my blog, and without some serious self editing!

I have yet to determine what I will blog about, but the possibilities are endless: edcamps, professional development, parental support, curriculum shifts, teacher evaluations, climate, culture, family,and  PBIS. The options are mind-boggling. Some of my blog entries will involve complex issues and are not little 5Ks though. Some of the entries will be 8 and 10Ks, some are half marathons and some are even marathons. The complicated issues, like so many in education  are triathlons, multifaceted and complex.

Will I blog every day, every week, once a month? Will I abandon it for months to come? I don't know! I recently started training again for a 5K, and you know what happened? Within the first week I sliced my foot on some glass and I am laid up for the next few days, a set back, but not out of the race. I expect blogging to be filled with fits and starts, just like the training for my up coming race. Good thing I am a stubborn sort of man!

As with all new things there will be some growing pains, of this I'm sure. All feedback is welcome, unless of course all you are going to say is that I suck, then you can just keep on steppin! I'll keep writing and improving, as Lee Travino once said "The harder I work, the luckier I get."

I need to thank Diane and Lyndsi for helping me take this step. Without them, this blog would have started the same day of the week that you should  start to exercise ...tomorrow!


  1. Go Phil! I'm looking forward to reading your posts. :)

  2. Nicely done, Phil! You have fulfilled your promise to Diane and Lyndsi! There is a feeling a bit like opening birthday gifts or Christmas morning presents when your blog is retweeted or someone comments on it! As a fellow blogger, I know that feeling myself. And I also know that doubt or questioning, "Is this really worth posting?" or "Will anyone really read this?"

    It truly is good for you. And tomorrow is now today! Keep writing!

  3. Way to go Phil! I love how you compared starting blogging to starting jogging. I'm a runner and can say that it IS good for you and I think blogging will be good for us too! Looking forward to reading and learning with you!

  4. I tried to comment on my phone...but it would not I am trying again.

    Great, now you are making me feel like I need to start jogging too. ;)

    Great job on the blog...I like your sense of humor in your writing.

  5. Usually I blog in spurts, sometimes I spend several months regularly blogging and sometimes I go months between them. Don't sweat it, write when you can't not write ;)