Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blogging Forever, Blogathon Never... Again!

As we approach the middle of the month, I’ve begun to assess my blog and the Blogathon that kicked it off.  I have to admit the Blogathon idea is and was a great way to jump start my blog. I can’t believe that I’ve hit 1000+ page views. In the beginning I would have been happy with 8, yes 8. I wasn’t writing for anyone else except me, and I have enjoyed my opportunity to write. 
I am not sure of my blog “voice”, but I have grown. I feel that I am beginning to understand my own thoughts and rationale better than ever before. I am a better administrator today than yesterday due to blogging.  However, I won’t do a blogathon ever again.
Why?... Time and thoroughness!
Life isn’t always willing to allow you time to write, sometimes emergencies arise, conversations need to be held, and work needs to be completed.  My biggest complaint about the Blogathon is that it takes away from my ability to be detailed and express deep convictions.
I have several blog topics that I have begun and stopped due to my desire to expand my thoughts and reasoning. I don’t want to write a term paper, but I want my posts to have some meat to them. To rationally explain why I believe something and how I can see these thoughts improving the educational system to which I proudly belong.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am really proud of some of my posts.  The ode to my Dad on Veterans Day made my brother cry, and I know that I touched him in his heart. My Twitterpated post is another favorite. I think I showed the excitement and possibilities that can be found in the Twitterverse.
 My greatest success though, was walking through the teachers lounge and having two teachers stop me and discuss a blog post I had written the night before. Great reminder that you never know who is reading your blog, be smart!

I'll finish this month, but never again!


  1. I hate hearing you say that Phil.....but I do know what you mean. This has been a tough challenge and while I know I had a few tough situations to work around (moving into a new home, a site visit, etc.) I have still found it a positive challenge to get myself writing nightly. I know posts haven't been that deep or mentally challenging, but the #blogathon has forced me to write more, and hence, think more. I do have to admit I am more reflective than I was just 3 weeks ago. I too want to write a higher quality post, but those will come when the deadlines slow down and when I take the time to plan out and research what I want to share with others. While I am pretty sure I haven't hit a 1000 readers yet, I have had more people read my posts and therefore are even aware my blog exists. I have even had a few comments and I have loved that interaction. But maybe more importantly I was able to connect with you and get to know you even better. So while I understand you never doing the #blogathon again, I truly hope you keep blogging and that we keep connecting until we can chat face to face sometime. Hopefully on a summer trip out see you in Virginia. Maybe we can meet up when I travel out to the Outer Banks every Summer.

  2. Hey Phil. I get what you mean about depth but to improve as a writer you also have to practice. Stephen King writes 1000-2000 words everyday. So your blog-a-thon, if nothing else, is good for your writing.