Saturday, November 24, 2012

work/life dilemma

Over the next few weeks, remember to take time for your family!

For the last several months I had been looking forward to attending edcampNJ. I've had the opportunity to attend two other edcamps, but NJ was to be the culminating activity for the year. I had it mapped out to the minute. Leave at 3:00am drive the 6 hours to the edcampNJ site, attend the day, grow my PLN/have a great time, turn around and be back in my house between 10/11:00pm. Piece of cake!

Except, that I saw a commercial today...

This commercial wasn't for a thing, no Black Friday shopping for me! The commercial was for the Richmond Christmas Parade.... which is held on December 1st.... The same day as edcampNJ.

I know, so what?

Right? It's just a parade. There is always another one next year.

Except, that attending the Parade is a tradition! for the last 12 years I have attended the parade with my girls. Rebekah, my oldest, attended her first one at 5 months old and we haven't missed one since. This tradition is a extra special for me. My wife, not a fan of the cold, has let this become a Daddy/Daughter tradition.

How many parades do I have left???

No, I'm not sick, and I'm blessed with three healthy girls. What I mean is how much longer will I be able to drag all three of my girls to the parade? 3 years? 5 Years? I just don't know!

If you could have heard the excitement in my Kaitlyn's voice when she saw the commercial this morning. She actually squealed and bounced. With big eyes she turned to me and gushed "Daddy, I can't wait to see the parade and Santa!" She immediately started making plans and discussing with her sisters what they needed to bring.

How many years left of that love, that belief, and that excitement do I have?

After about a quarter of a second (Years in Daddy terms) I responded "I can't wait to go either, Love!"

I wish that I could be there my /PLN but tradition and family wins out here. Alas no, I won't be tweeting along with you either, this is Daddy/Daughter time.

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  1. Good for you Phil. You have your priorities in order, which is difficult in our profession. I ask myself the same questions too ("How many more ____ do I have left with my kids?"). Thanks for reminding me about finding balance.