Thursday, November 15, 2012

Self-Evaluation, My Own Toughest Critic.

 I spent several hours today working on evaluations. I didn't observe anyone, I thought that might be cruel on the same day as parent-teacher conferences.  However, I did have to finish pages of documents that go along with our new evaluation system.

It was while working through the evaluations  that I did some self-evaluation, some reflection if you will. I decided to share my reflection, the self-evaluation of myself.  I thought this to be only fair as I have spent the day telling you what you do well and what you need to improve upon.

I guess it's my turn!

Easy stuff first, what I don't do well:

I hate paperwork, I really do. If I can put it off I will. Now, I'm better than I was in college so I don't wait until the last minute, but if  I could, I would.

I don't provide feedback in as timely manner as I should. This is my biggest challenge, sharing with you so that your feedback is still relevant to what you did today. This I promise you is what I will work on for the remainder of the year. This is my SMART goal.

Long term planning: On the plus side, this is an area where I am greatly improved! Experience is the greatest asset here, the more you you see the less likely you are to get lost along the way. Sometimes though it is difficult to see the forest through the trees.

Paperwork, did I say how much I hate paperwork?

Health, I need to get in better shape. This job takes tons of energy and sometimes on Thursday or Friday afternoon, I am really dragging. I cover this up with massive amounts of caffeine, but I know.

It's harder to know what I do well. I think I know what I do well, but my staff's opinion may vary.

I am filled with ideas and I love to learn. I enjoy every minute that we sit and talk about students, programs, staff development, and the future of our building/education.

Professional Development is a passion of mine. Presenting and introducing topics to you is not only something I enjoy, but something I am good at also.  If necessary, I will drag you into the future kicking and screaming! Come on join Twitter already!

(I still hate paperwork)

My ability to listen is another strength. (Even though my wife may disagree!)

Risk taker, I am willing and eager to try new ideas.  I encourage you to try new things. If you and I don't arrive at our expected outcome, (I hate the term fail) it's okay. Try, take a chance!

I'm sure that my staff has their own thoughts and opinions about my strengths and "areas of improvement" and I know this observation is not complete, but as I tell my teachers I don't get to see everything you do in a single lesson!

(Anyone want to do my paperwork for me?)

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