Monday, November 19, 2012

Out of School, but Not Out of Touch!

I spent a miserable day at home today.

 My family decided to share the cold the they had been passing around all week. I thought I had avoided it and was feeling rather smug, when Bang... I knew I wasn't making it into school today.

A few years back this would have been a large problem, but not today. Today I was able to interact with teachers and other administrators, including those in central office. I was able to respond to a parent concern. Perhaps most importantly, some wonderful staff members answered my email and took my morning and afternoon bus duty. Thanks Ladies!

If I was able to do all of this from home, what can we do for students that miss school? When students are absent it can be incredibly disruptive to the classroom. Teachers find themselves trying to catch students up. If too many students are absent they often feel that they have to tread water until more students return.

Technology is the key to improving student learning when students are absent. Video lessons, Skype, class websites, skill tutorials, twitter, etc. I imagine there are many more! Absences can impede learning, let's find a way help overcome these!

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